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Kendrick Lamar will teach your dog to sit down, be humble

Screenshot: YouTube

Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” is about many things, but it is mostly about Kendrick Lamar, the consensus pick for “best rapper alive,” riding roughshod over all other claimants to the throne. The track’s central assertion that we sit down and be humble is also an implied acquiescence to the rulership of Lamar, a rulership for which the track itself itself serves as justification. That it also sort of sounds like the music a cartoon villain would sneak around to only adds to his argument.

The song’s been everywhere since it first came out, suggesting that we, as a people, are complying with Lamar’s request. It is the appropriate human response to a track like “Humble.”


But what of a dog’s response? There is increasing evidence that man’s best friend knows exactly what to do.

While these good boys could be responding to something besides Lamar’s request—like, say, a treat held off camera—it is still an important new concept in dog-rearing. Future generations will inevitably Kendrick-train their pets; that boy with the cone on his neck’s left stroke is about to go viral.

Check out the original video below, preferably with a chair nearby.

[via Daily Dot]


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