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Kendrick Lamar is finally back and is ready to release what he’s been working on since Damn. and the Black Panther soundtrack. Unfortunately, it’s not new music. Also unfortunately, we’re not entirely sure what it is. This comes from Rolling Stone, which says Lamar and longtime collaborator Dave Free have both updated their Instagrams to identify themselves as the founders of a “service company” called pgLang. So what is pgLang? Well, if you follow the URL in Lamar’s Instagram post, it takes you to an official site that explains the company’s purpose in a block of text that is quickly redacted—but, courtesy of Rolling Stone, here’s what it says:

pgLang is multilingual. Our community speaks music, film, television, art, books, and podcastsbecause sometimes we have to use different languages to get the point of our stories across. Stories that speak to many nations, many races, and many ages. That is why our writers, singers, directors, musicians, and producers break formats when we build ideas and make them real for the curious.

Putting round pegs through square holes is not a process, but we embrace the idea of anarchy and challenges that make us stronger. pgLang is focused on using our experiences, and nurturing our many collaborators, to build stories that are equally accessible and engaging then fitting them within the best media.


Rolling Stone says pgLang is “not a record label,” but that does make it sounds a bit like some kind of artists collective. Thankfully, there’s also a “visual mission statement” on the site that explains things much better with an artsy short film featuring Lamar, Yara Shahidi, Jorja Smith, and Baby Keem saying mysterious stuff about the nature of the world and how you should put your phone down and stare at the sun. So… also not very helpful, especially since there’s no mention of what—if anything—pgLang has to do with k.d. lang.

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