Photo: Getty Images, Mandel Ngan/AFP

President Obama is going to have a lot more free time coming up in the next few months, at least in the sense that he probably hasn’t had any free time in the last eight years, and Kendrick Lamar happens to have an idea of how he should spend some of it. Lamar helped Obama celebrate the Fourth Of July at the White House over the summer and is one of the President’s favorite artists, so it seems like he should be more qualified than most people to give the man advice for his post-Leader Of The Free World future.

Speaking in a Facebook video for Complex, Lamar said that he thinks President Obama is “going to be in the community still,” and even though he won’t be running the country anymore, “he will be there and be effective inside the urban community and communities around the world.” Beyond that, though, Lamar really hopes Obama will join him for a game of basketball. He claims that Obama needs to work on his jump shot, but he also notes that he’s only “throwing shots” so that Obama will join him in Compton for a game.

In terms of the hobbies former presidents pick up, playing basketball with Kendrick Lamar would be a lot cooler than George W. Bush’s weirdly spooky paintings.