Kendrick Lamar’s had quite a year so far, dropping his second major-label album To Pimp A Butterfly, headlining a few of the summer’s biggest festivals, and serving as the musical conduit between old Stephen Colbert and new Stephen Colbert. He hasn’t yet set off on an official tour promoting TPAB though—at least not until now. According to Pitchfork, the first annual “Kunta’s Groove Sessions” tour has been announced via the rapper’s Instagram and will take place across “8 cities. 8 nights. 8 intimate shows.” For now it’s unclear which cities Kendrick will visit, which dates he’ll be there, or what level of intimacy these shows will entail, but there are a few confirmed exclamations to look forward to, including “Music! Dance! Performance!” and the ever-popular “More!” See for yourself below: