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Kendall would absolutely rap along to Pusha T's Succession theme remix

Photo: Pusha T (Matthew Eisman/Getty Images); Succession (HBO

Nicholas Britell’s stately Succession theme’s turned into one of the year’s most unlikely memes, having been deconstructed, remixed, and cleverly applied to thematically-adjacent narratives like Billy Madison and Arrested Development. Riding the wave of blushing goodwill that came off Kendall’s kinda-great rap last week, it was revealed that Pusha T had a remix of his own in the hopper, one cosigned by HBO, no less. Now, a few days after Demi Adejuyigbe dropped a scorching take of his own, King Push’s version, “Puppets,” has arrived.

Push previously called it the “soundtrack to my life,” though lyrics like “family, fortune, envy, jealousy, privilege, passed-on legacy” keep it firmly rooted in the story of Succession, too. It’s a fascinating deconstruction of Britell’s theme, with Push singling out the track’s most compelling classical oddities and adopting an emphatic delivery that matches the track’s epic air.


Hear it below.

Succession’s season two finale airs on Sunday. Catch up on our recaps here.

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