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Kenan Thompson is bringing All That back to Nickelodeon

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’90s kids, rejoice! All That is coming back to Nickelodeon courtesy of original cast member Kenan Thompson. The upcoming revival will feature a new cast of kids hamming it up alongside original cast members. Thompson, who got his start on All That before graduating to SNL (with a brief stopover at Good Burger university), will executive produce the series, with comedian Jermaine Fowler (Sorry To Bother You) serving as a consulting producer. It’s unclear which of the original cast members–including Thompson–will be appearing alongside the new class of tiny comedic geniuses. (Lori Beth Denberg, where you at?)


As with the original series, the new All That will be a weekly sketch comedy show in the vein of SNL or forgotten Nickelodeon classic Roundhouse (which was sort of like In Living Color Jr.). According to the official press release, which is kind of scant on details, prior cast members from the show’s history will be “making special appearances during the season,” which will debut sometime this summer as a part of the network’s new slate. That slate includes a couple of other revivals of ’90s favorites: Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (coinciding with a new feature-length film) and Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (hosted by John Cena).

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