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Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell to face off against each other on Double Dare

Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompsons looking extremely cool in 1998
Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd (Getty Images/WireImage)

Every ‘90s kid who grew up watching Nickelodeon has a favorite between Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. Do you prefer the goofy guy from All That’s “Good Burger” sketches or the goofy guy from All That’s “Everyday French With Pierre Escargot” sketches? Do you like seeing a guy continuously frustrated by the antics of his only friend? Do you love orange soda? Finally, Nickelodeon is going to figure out which one of them is the best by pitting Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell against each other in the slippiest and sloppiest competition known to mankind: Double Dare.

Nickelodeon just brought the show back for a new revival this week, and later this summer it’s going to celebrate that return with an hourlong special featuring Thompson and Mitchell competing against each other. Mitchell posted a video with Thompson on Instagram about their upcoming competition, showing the two of them in Double Dare shirts with the standard helmets and goggles needed to protect contestants from pies and slime or whatever. We don’t know if Thompson and Mitchell will be on teams, but Deadline does say that their old All That buddy Lori Beth Denberg will be making some kind of appearance.


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