Although it still boasts a name that makes us want to dismantle America and sell it for parts to Japan, just so it can’t be called that anymore, ABC’s upcoming American Judy continues to demand our preliminary support by starring refugees from canceled cult comedies who deserve better, even if that refuge is called American Judy. Joining the show’s namesake, Arrested Development and Archer star Judy Greer, will be Ken Marino, a guy who boasts his own impressive list of great canceled series (Party Down, Veronica Mars) and cult comedy gigs (The State, Childrens Hospital). Marino will be the new husband to Greer’s big-city lady as the two relocate to the suburbs, where they have run-ins with his ex-wife—who's also the local sheriff—as well as assorted in-laws, stepkids, and assorted wacky suburbanites. Marino will also be the other reason we tune into American Judy when it finally premieres, even if we never say out loud what show it is we’re watching.