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Ken Jeong to star in Steve Carell’s United Nations road trip comedy

Some movie ideas have a brilliant elegance that makes people wonder why they didn’t think of them. It’s a feeling of effortlessness that isn’t exclusive to good movies, but it does indicate that a movie is built on something solid. A bunch of guys get drunk in Las Vegas and have to piece together the night’s events the next day? The movie itself aside, that’s a well-made premise.

But then there are movie ideas that seem hobbled together by random words and phrases. It doesn’t mean the movie is bad, but it does mean that the viewer has to take a few more mental steps before it really clicks for them. A handful of United Nations delegates travel across the country to reunite with a lost love? That doesn’t sound like a movie, that sounds like a Family Guy cutaway gag.


Oddly enough, though, it is a movie, and it’s being produced by Steve Carell. Plus, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s going to star Ken Jeong. Titled International Incident, the movie was written by former Daily Show writer David Javerbaum and it will be Jeong’s first lead role since abandoning his career as an actual real-life doctor to play crazy people in The Hangover, Community, and Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.

We don’t know who will play the other United Nations delegates that join Jeong on his road trip, but by nature of the plot, we can guess they won’t all be guys like Will Ferrell, Ed Helms, or Jason Bateman. You know, white people.

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