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Despite already appearing in a United Nations road trip comedy and some Yahoo show, Ken Jeong still has time to do other things. No, he’s not going back to being a doctor—ugh, who would?—and he’s not making another Hangover movie yet, he’s just starring in yet another TV series. This time it’s MTV’s Ken Jeong Made Me Do It, which, as indicated by the title, will see Jeong playing himself as he makes someone else do things. The “someone else” is a 22-year-old guy who accidentally hits Jeong’s car and then gets taken under the actor’s wing.


In other words, it sounds like it’s going to be a cross between the TV pilot that Jerry and George wrote on Seinfeld and Comedy Central’s short-lived mockumentary series I’m With Busey. The show will presumably play up the “manic weirdo” persona that Jeong dips into so often, which will eventually make the 22-year-old guy realize Jeong shouldn’t be giving advice to anyone, because that’s how comedies work. By the end of each episode, though, the guy will find out that Jeong’s teachings actually come in handy and everything will go back to how it was at the beginning, because that’s also how comedies work.

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