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Ken Jeong says he will never leave Community

As everyone who has taken Spanish 102 at Greendale Community College knows, Ken Jeong’s Señor Chang cannot die. Plus, his moves are Latin, his loins have spice, he never does laundry, and he hates all rice. Not only is this a humorous gag from the first season of Community, but it’s also true—assuming Ken Jeong has his way. In a recent interview with Variety, Jeong declared that (unlike Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, and Yvette Nicole Brown) he will never leave Community. This means that not only can Señor Chang really never die now, but there’s also a faint chance that he’ll be the only character left on Community if it lasts for a few more years and keeps losing actors.

Variety‘s interview has some other interesting details, like that the Chang character “still stays fresh” to Jeong, and that he sometimes has to ask people to explain jokes in the script to him. Mostly, though, he clearly just loves working on Community, and even the million or so other projects he’s developing can’t stop him from showing up on set and doing things that would get a normal person arrested. Hopefully Community fans aren’t sick of Señor Chang either, because he’s definitely not going anywhere. Ever.

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