While there’s obviously nothing official yet about another season for Community (other than the official notification you just received to let you know, officially, there’s nothing official yet), should the show continue, it could see some definite Chang-es—which is the sort of joke you might be seeing less of, should Ken Jeong defect to ABC's Spy. Jeong has signed on to the U.S. adaptation of the British comedy of the same name, where Rob Corddry will star as a man who accidentally bumbles his way into working for the Secret Service in an attempt to impress his precocious son. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeong would co-star as “The Examiner,” a CIA agent described as a “mischievous man” who’s “erratic, incorrigible, and inappropriate with his fellow agents”—a description that’s only an “and also, he is frequently nude” away from being a boilerplate Ken Jeong character synopsis.

Anyway, the pilot still comes second to Jeong’s regular job on Community, but—much like Will Arnett’s own recent attempts to escape—Deadline speculates that ABC is betting that Community won’t be coming back, as Jeong is essential to Community, apparently. After all, what would Community be without a prominently featured Ken Jeong, besides marginally quieter and less cartoonish?