For those who have watched Ken Jeong become a focus-stealing presence on Community and in The Hangover films and said, “Yes, more of that, please,” NBC has the show for you. It’s ordered the multi-camera sitcom Dr. Ken, a comedy based on Jeong’s pre-television life as a physician—a life that became increasingly, comically difficult because it had Ken Jeong in it. Every day Dr. Ken Jeong would just try to go about the serious business of practicing medicine, only to have Ken Jeong show up and start causing problems. “Damn you and your shameless, occasionally stereotype-based antics!” Dr. Ken Jeong would yell at Ken Jeong while tossing aside his clipboard, and now that’s a TV show.

Jeong will star in as well as executive produce the series alongside The Internship writer Jared Stern (who knows from characters mildly bucking the system), and while this would suggest Jeong is definitely following Donald Glover out the door at Community, don’t be so certain. Since Dr. Ken is also an NBC and Sony TV production, should Community get its miracle sixth season, it’s possible Jeong could do both series—maybe even with time left over for house calls, where he briefly complicates your life by being loud and nude.