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Kelsey Grammer wants to develop "social media"-based Frasier spin-off

Having seen his most recent sitcom projects (Hank and Back To You) canceled due to low ratings (or were they assassinated by the vast liberal conspiracy that controls Hollywood?), Kelsey Grammer is now openly mulling another spin-off featuring his iconic character Dr. Frasier Crane. As picked up by the New York Post today, Grammer first took to his Twitter account (yes, Kelsey Grammer is an avid Twitterer; he even used it to announce his divorce) back in July to tease his followers by saying, “Maybe it is time for a Frasier reunion. [It’s] very interesting to say the least." He later added, “I’m now really thinking maybe a spin-off of Frasier? How would u feel about that with like my son and [Frasier’s fictional brother] Niles’ sibling? Cameos by old cast?”

Apparently he’s still fairly keen on the idea, recently tweeting that he’s still thinking of “a spin off with Frasier & Niles Kids and cameo's from Frasier and Cheers.” Of course, as of now this is all just a dream: There’s the little matter of getting Frasier creators Peter Casey and David Lee on board (co-creator David Angell died on 9/11), as well as convincing a network to actually do it. But that hasn’t stopped Grammer from already considering possible directions for the show—chief among them the notion that it could have an “udated [sic] theme to be centered around social media now that would be powerful include like Twitter, TODHD, iPhones etc. social ciaos [????]” and that “All the story lines could come from social networking how fun would that be?” That’s obviously a rhetorical question, but we’re sure you have an answer anyway.


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