Because Michael Bay is increasingly interested in more human stories, so long as those humans also behave like single-minded ciphers, the next Transformers film will feature a human villain to go alongside its giant robot ones. And Deadline reports that villain will be played by Kelsey Grammer, who joins the cast as a “counter intelligence guy,” a role that somehow isn’t Mark Wahlberg’s. Boom! We have successfully implied that Mark Wahlberg isn’t very bright, a brilliantly executed scheme that surely rivals whatever complex plan Grammer’s character “Harold Attinger” has cooked up involving giant fucking robots, which are not in and of themselves enough of a threat without Grammer getting involved, apparently. Grammer, of course, most recently played a villain on the Starz series Boss, and, just like the Transformers, he's capable of making complicated contortions, as seen whenever it comes to arguing why liberal Hollywood is keeping him down. And then there was that show Frasier, about a therapist who is also a crane.