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Last September, we reported that James Lipton would be stepping down as the host of Inside The Actors Studio after 25 years, with new home network Ovation announcing in April that he would be replaced by a rotating group of hosts—including Jane Lynch and Alec Baldwin. Now we have another famous person to add to the list of new Actors Studio hosts, with Ovation announcing that Kelsey Grammer will also be going inside the actors studio to host an interview with “incomparable television director” James Burrows. You may notice that an “incomparable television director” is not the same thing as an “actor,” but apparently nobody cares about that.


Anyway, Burrows directed 200 episodes of Cheers and 32 episodes of Frasier, so he has worked with Kelsey Grammer tons of times in the past. They’ll probably have some fun stuff to talk about, even if we won’t get to see Grammer say “May I talk to [famous character you played]?” like Lipton always did. The new Actors Studio will premiere on Ovation on October 13, with more hosts and guests to be announced later.

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