Despite his appreciation of young women and his ability to turn any discussion into a right-wing political argument, Kelsey Grammer has nevertheless had some difficulty assimilating into the Internet. He used his previous, all-time-awful Twitter account primarily as a means of saying hi to his fans, quite literally, though it soon became mired in adorably out-of-touch technology hiccups—like when he started using Twitter to insist that everyone come to his (now-defunct) branded social media network, Kelsey Live, if they wanted his salutations. Then he went on Twitter to announce the not-as-adorable details of his divorce, using it to broadcast seven, 140-character tweets asking for privacy. Shortly thereafter, his account was shut down.

But now, Kelsey Grammer is back—and this time, he’s found a purpose.


Indeed, as his second-ever tweet from this account confirms, it seems Kelsey Grammer has returned to search for mentions of his name on Twitter, then correct their spelling and grammar—because his name sounds like “grammar,” you see. Better hope that all of your thoughts on An American Carol are properly punctuated; Kelsey Grammer has discovered his online calling at last.