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Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence doing a sitcom together, finally

Finally answering the question of when they would stop dancing around the obvious, and make the buddy comedy for which they have so long been destined, Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence are reportedly pursuing starring in a sitcom together, according to a report that was written in the wind and transcribed at Deadline. Little is known about the show so far, other than it will be a multi-camera comedy with a probable "odd couple" feel—a play on Grammer and Lawrence's natural chemistry, obviously, one that until now Kelsey Grammer/Martin Lawrence shippers (or "Grammartins") have been forced to create using contrived means such as playing episodes of Frasier and Lawrence's Runteldat special on adjacent televisions.

The project is now in fast-track development through Lionsgate and Debmar-Mercury, which is hoping to sell the greatest sitcom ever conceived on a similar "buy 10, get an automatic 90" model as its releases like Charlie Sheen's Anger Management and Tyler Perry's House Of Payne. This is expected to be a similarly successful gambit, as Kelsey Grammer is a stuffy white guy and Martin Lawrence is a hyper black guy. They're the original odd couple.


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