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Kellyanne Conway makes the ill-advised move into prop comedy

(Image: Fox News)

Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway went back to her stand-up roots tonight, adding a potentially ill-advised “prop comedy” element to an appearance on Fox News. Conway went on Hannity tonight to talk about Donald Trump Jr.’s ongoing efforts to make himself the greasy-haired center of the current Russian collusion scandal, and apparently felt that the best way to illustrate her points was by holding up a couple of signs with the words “Conclusion, Collusion, Illusion, Delusion” written upon them. (To be fair, Conway made sure to cross out “Collusion” with a highlighter, making her intended point crystal clear.)

“Just a little fun with words,” Conway joked, because there’s no reason political divisiveness and allegations of treason can’t be wacky good-time fun.


Unfortunately for Conway, it turns out the the internet also likes having fun with words, and proceeded to do exactly that with the opportunity she’d served up on a block-printed plate. (At some point, you’d think members of this administration would stop holding up items that are quite this easy to Photoshop.)


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