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Kellyanne Conway has a predictably meaningless response to SNL’s impression of her

(Photo: Getty Images, Mark Wilson)

For a while now, Kellyanne Conway’s life has been based around making sense of Donald Trump’s bullshit by spinning it and twisting it so much that people understand as little of it as possible. It’s like when someone doesn’t want to admit to doing something wrong so they just mumble it in hopes of being misunderstood, but on a global scale. Naturally, with the frequency that Trump spouts bullshit requiring constant TV appearances from Conway, she’s become a regular part of Saturday Night Live’s cold opens for the last few months—or at least Kate McKinnon’s slightly unhinged and perpetually stunned impression of her has.

Today, The Hollywood Reporter published a in-depth profile on Conway, and much like the New York Times profile on Trump from yesterday, there’s a lot of boring and irritating crap you have to dig through before you get to the good stuff. As pointed out by Esquire, the good stuff in this piece is Conway’s response to McKinnon’s impersonation, which is so perfectly Kellyanne Conway that it almost comes across as self-parody: “Kate McKinnon clearly sees the road to the future runs through me and not Hillary.”


So what does that mean? She mentions Hillary Clinton, which makes it sound like a political slam, but it’s not like SNL keeps bringing in McKinnon’s Conway character because she’s more popular than McKinnon’s Clinton character. SNL depends on what’s happening in the news that week, and since the real Clinton has only come out of hiding to take walks through the woods and attend the inauguration of the man who threatened to put her in prison, there isn’t much to go off of there.

Also, is “the road to the future runs through me” the most self-aggrandizing thing a human being can possibly say? Because she somehow managed to sound even more conceited than her boss with that line, and he’s one of the most self-obsessed people in the history of the world. They really do deserve each other.

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