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Image: L to R: Kelly Marie Tran (Rich Fury), Patti LuPone (Kevin Winter), Colin Morgan (Jason Kempin (Getty Images)

Atlantic Flight 702 disappeared mid-flight between London and New York. The official account of events pegs the crash on a wayward flock of geese, yet there is no evidence of a crashed plane, nor the whereabouts of its 256 ill-fated passengers. Radiotopia’s newest fiction podcast Passenger List unravels the many loose threads of the flight’s mysterious disappearance as Kaitlin Le, played by Star Wars’ Kelly Marie Tran, pursues the truth, which will surely ease the nerves of those who are already pretty jumpy when it comes to flying. Patti LuPone, The Fall’s Colin Morgan, and Supernatural’s Rob Benedict round out the cast.


The first two episodes, “Traffic” and “Flock Of Geese” are available now, kicking off a weekly Monday release schedule that lasts through October 28. Peabody Award winner John Scott Dryden and and The Bright Sessions’ Lauren Shippen co-wrote and co-directed the air-born thriller, which additional writing from Mara Wilson and Kevin Rodriguez.

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