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Today's thing you never knew you always needed: Kelly Clarkson covers Mariah Carey in a Montana cabin

Kelly Clarkson; Mariah Carey
Kelly Clarkson; Mariah Carey
Photo: Tibrina Hobson (Getty), Jamie McCarth (Getty)

No one likes to do covers more than Kelly Clarkson. And you’d think at this point we’d be sick of them. But we’re not. So here’s Kelly Clarkson covering a Mariah Carey’s “Vanishing”.

“That time ur quarantined, ur kids r sleeping so ur stuck in a bathroom & ur glam squad’s nowhere in sight,” the talk show host captioned her Instagram video, which she recorded in a cabin on Montana. The impetus of the recording was Carey tweeting at Clarkson after the former American Idol winner revealed how well she knows the former American Idol judge’s discography on a recent episode of The Voice. Yes, this is a moment fully brought to you by reality TV.


After pointing out her husband’s towel in the background (#browntowel), Clarkson wails out a soulful rendition of “Vanishing”—which most definitely woke any sleeping children in the house—and then gives a short update on the importance of social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic and shares a little on how she’s been keeping busy during the self-quarantine. “We’re gonna get through it. This is just a really crappy time” “Thank you so much everybody for just being online and being on social media just being positive and showing parents stuff to do with kids and all that kind of stuff—because people don’t think about it. We have a lot of kids and we’ve been doing school every day and we’ve been cooking every meal, which I don’t generally do. But, you know what, everything tastes great when A-1 sauce is involved.”

Before signing off, Clarkson reveals (1) she’s a Yellowstone fan, (2) she’s going to release more covers in what we’re hoping will eventually be called The Montana Cabin Recordings, and (3) she may be sending us all videos of calves being born on the ranch. Oh, and she’s sorry, Ms. Carey. “Sorry I totally messed up your song, Mariah. But I started too high and, two, I just kind of forgot where it went. Like, I need the music. Anyway, love you. Okay, bye. Oh, and I love that you know “Heat,” whatever,” Clarkson says, fangirling over Carey revealing she loves track 3 on Clarkson’s Meaning of Life. “Okay. It’s totally cool. Okay. It’s casual. Okay. Cool. Bye.”

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