Cementing his legacy as the Toby Jones of CGI fantasies, Kellan Lutz has reportedly signed on to star in Hercules 3D—Renny Harlin’s previously acknowledged, inevitable competitor to the Brett Ratner-directed, Dwayne Johnson-starring Hercules: The Thracian Wars. Lutz has previously played the second shirtless fiddle by nesting himself within a motion-captured bodysuit, like a musclebound matryoshka doll, to star in a 3-D version of Tarzan that will similarly compete with Warner Bros.’ own Tarzan movie, because there must be two of everything now. And as Harlin has said before, the distinction between his and Ratner’s take is Harlin’s far more “grounded” approach to the epic mythological tale of battling demigods, which will be centered on a love triangle that should make the Twilight star feel right at home. Along those lines, Harlin adds that he feels Lutz has the “vulnerabilities” necessary to portray Hercules—whose name may be synonymous with invincibility, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings and stuff. To portray these, Lutz will don a feelings-capture suit.