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Keith Richards to release his first solo album in more than 20 years

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Despite being in the middle of a Rolling Stones tour at the moment, guitarist Keith Richards is already planning for the fall. (Not another drunken fall out of a tree, although that’s still fun to think about, all these years later.) September 18 of 2015 will make a momentous event for the man, as it will be the approximately one millionth anniversary of everyone being shocked he’s survived this long. Oh, and Consequence Of Sound reports that day will also see the release of Crosseyed Heart, Richards’ first solo album in 23 years. The lead single, “Trouble,” is due out July 17.

This will mark Richards’ third solo album, after 1988’s Talk Is Cheap and 1992’s Main Offender. He was joined on the record by members of his other group, the X-Pensive Winos, who you might remember as the band Richards played with for a few years when he and Mick Jagger were not on speaking terms, i.e. they wanted to punch one another. There are reportedly also other collaborators, such as a ballad that was co-written by and features Norah Jones.


The album is described as a “musical journey that takes in reggae, rock, country, and the blues,” which makes it sound much worse than it will probably be. Keep in mind, Richards has a history of taking potentially terrible ideas and making them pretty great. You know, things like writing children’s books, or speaking in public. Speaking of which, the press release features Richards saying, “If you’re looking for ‘Trouble,’ you’ve come to the right place,” so we know that Dave Grohl is still a ways away from claiming the dad-jokes crown.

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