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Keith Richards says they're making a movie about Keith Richards

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According to the reliable source that is Keith Richards, a biopic based on Richards’ autobiography Life is currently in its early stages—typically an honor reserved for after an artist's death, though who knows whether motion pictures will still exist then. Still, ever at ease with the passage of time, Richards claims that he’s “in no rush” to get it made. Which is probably a good thing, especially considering all the rights wrangles that would be involved in telling the story of the The Rolling Stones with the participation of all its members, and especially considering that Richards spends a good portion of the book talking about how Mick Jagger is an insufferable bitch with a tiny penis. Should Jagger refuse to sign off on the film, there wouldn’t be much left to adapt from Life aside from a half-dozen “and then I passed out on the toilet” anecdotes, and that one chapter where Richards talks about his dogs for like 20 pages and then shares his recipe for bangers and mash. Nevertheless, Richards says that the project is already moving ahead, adding that there were currently “feelers out” to find an actor to play him, shortly before he accepted an award from most obvious candidate Johnny Depp. But Depp probably doesn’t have to worry about trying to somehow differentiate his Captain Jack Sparrow character just yet. [Telegraph via The Playlist]


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