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Grim fairy tale Keith Richards has announced that he is currently writing a children’s book due out Sept. 9, aimed at parents who have longed for something to read to their kids right before bedtime that has Keith Richards’ face on it. The book, titled Gus And Me: The Story Of My First Guitar, will draw from the chapters of Richards’ recent autobiography Life that don’t involve doing heroin on a toilet, recalling the Rolling Stones’ guitarist’s introduction to music through his jazz musician grandfather. “I have just become a grandfather for the fifth time, so I know what I’m talking about,” said Richards, who rarely knows what he’s talking about, regarding the “special bond between kids and grandparents” who legally claim them. Richards’ daughter Theodora will do the illustrations, while Richards collaborates on the text with Barnaby Harris and Ed Shapiro. It’s expected to be Richards’ most magical children’s book since the classic Piss Off, Moon.


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