Anyone who’s ever listened to a Keith Murray album knows that he has no compunctions about using violence. Hell, this is a guy who got himself dropped from Def Jam after supposedly choking two employees and putting them in the hospital. He’s also the guy who once punched Prodigy in the face, all because the latter kept dropping the words “space shit” in his song as a supposed dig against Murray and his Def Squad compatriots Erick Sermon and Redman. Oh, and then there’s the three-year prison sentence he got for clubbing a fan over the head with a metal bar stool. In short, while Murray has repeatedly insisted that he’s “not that dude,” there’s substantial evidence that Murray is (or at least was) that dude.

But even given Murray’s impressive list of people he’s beaten the shit out of, the revelation that he also got into it with Tupac is a new one. Rugah TV caught up with Murray while he was representing “Strong Island” outside of a club, and accidentally lucked into one of the best hip-hop-related rants we’ve seen in a while—the centerpiece of which is an anecdote about how Murray and Redman “squared off with ‘Pac in the House Of Blues” shortly after Murray guested on LL Cool J’s “I Shot Ya.” (By the way, that song also featured Prodigy—rapping about “space shit.” What tangled webs these dreamers weave.) So intense he ends up covered in his own spittle at one point, Murray then encourages anyone on “Twitter, whatever” to "let it be known." So here we are.

Also, he’s got some kind of story about Notorious B.I.G. that quickly devolves into a tangent about smashing a bottle over Damon Dash’s forehead, all of which he swears happened with your new favorite catchphrase, “Word to my mother—my dead mother.” This video is more than just a viral sensation in the making—it’s “history,” according to Murray. History that could throw some gasoline on the fires of this whole East Coast/West Coast feud that died nearly 15 years ago. Ask anybody! [via MOG]