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Keegan-Michael Key and Regina Hall will be in the Vacation reboot

Like a garishly painted green station wagon crammed full of people now bitterly regretting the supposedly good choices that brought them there, the Vacation reboot continues to pick up cast members on its slow, tedious journey toward being made. The latest passengers to cram themselves into the movie’s crowded backseat are Keegan-Michael Key and Regina Hall, who’ll be playing friends of the Ed Helms-led Griswold family. Shoved in alongside other recent Vacation cast additions like Leslie Mann and Chris Hemsworth, Key and Hall‘s characters are described by Variety as a “perfect family,” presumably because the pair knows that even the slightest flaw or misstep in their facade of familial bliss could result in them being abducted and forcibly “re-cast”as is the Griswold clan’s darkest, mostly closely guarded tradition.


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