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Keanu says he's read the script for The Matrix 4, and it's "very ambitious"

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Last month we reported on a bit of legitimately shocking news in the cinematic world: That Lana Wachowski, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Keanu Reeves were returning to the franchise that helped make them stars in the world of big-budget action, with Wachowski set to write and direct a fourth film in the Matrix series of spoon-bending sci-fi blockbusters. Lest we all worry, a month on, that this blatantly implausible development in a series that already kind of set the bar for diminishing returns is some sort of errant glitch in our own perception of reality, though, rest assured: Reeves has read the script for The Matrix 4, and it’s apparently “ambitious.”

This is per comments the John Wick star made during a red carpet interview this week, and, obviously, that one word could mean a million different things. Maybe Wachowski has penned a three-hour legal thriller, all about trying the Machines for war crimes after that whole “human Duracells” thing. Maybe Neo and Trinity come back to life, only to discover that their entire reality is running on a 15-year-old Acer notebook that’s now on its last legs. Maybe they do a time travel thing; we could fuck with a Matrix time travel movie.

Either way, it appears to have impressed Keanu Reeves, a man who personally knows Dolly Parton, and who has watched many dogs bite many movie bad guys in the dick. We’re just saying: High bar to clear.


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