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Keanu Reeves visits Parliament, will hopefully fix this Brexit thing

(Photo Illustration: Nick Wanserski)

When a nation is thrown in turmoil by forces it always sort of knew were out there, but never really thought could come back to get it in such terrifyingly concrete ways—like sinister sentient supercomputers, maybe, or the Russian mob, or just your run-of-the-mill xenophobic right wingers—there are worse people you could call than Keanu Reeves. At least that’s why we’re assuming Reeves visited London’s Palace Of Westminster earlier today, taking selfies with reporters and various members of Parliament en route to a meeting with Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi:


What the meeting was about is anyone’s guess, but we’re hoping that Keanu has some ideas about how to fix Brexit. Maybe those rumors of a Bill & Ted sequel were actually part of a top-secret collaboration between Keanu Reeves and MI6 to go back in time and change the vote. Or, as several observers on Twitter have noted, maybe the whole thing was simply a glitch in the Matrix designed to scare the world straight. Or maybe Zahawi is just a big Johnny Mnemonic fan.

[via Yahoo! Movies UK]


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