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Keanu Reeves to star in romantic thriller Siberia

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, JB Lacroix)

Are we in the midst of a Keanu Reevesaissance? He’s been around for a while, sure, but John Wick jumpstarted his career in a particularly thrilling fashion back in 2014, and now he’s starring in clever films like Knock Knock, horrible flops like Exposed, mediocre prestige dramas like The Whole Truth, and the highly anticipated John Wick sequel. Alright, most of that isn’t very exciting, but if it’s not a Reevesaissance it’s definitely a John Wickaissance.

Whatever historians will call this era of Keanu Reeves’ career, Screen Daily is reporting that he has signed on to star in Siberia, a romantic thriller about a man trying to sell diamonds in Russia who “embarks on an affair with a local woman.” Unfortunately, his attempt to sell diamonds falls through as he tries to find his missing diamond partner, whose trail he follows to—you guessed it—Siberia. Presumably, his relationship with this local woman is also connected to that in some way.


The film will be directed by Frank & Lola’s Matthew Ross.

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