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Apparently forgetting everything poor Charlize Theron went through on his account, Keanu Reeves has opened himself up to Hell’s wrath by signing on for a TV show that isn’t NBC’s proposed small-screen adaptation of The Devil’s Advocate. Reeves will produce and star in Rain, a series that takes Reeves far out of his comfort zone by casting him as a half-Japanese, half-American assassin who has trouble connecting with people. Rain is based on a series of novels by lovably pedantic author Barry Eisler and is the inaugural project of independent television studio Slingshot Media.


Rain has yet to find its network, but The Devil’s Advocate has reportedly already secured a pilot agreement with NBC, presumably by threatening to condemn its children to eternal torment if it doesn’t cooperate. The “legal drama with a supernatural twist,” also announced today, is being produced by Warner Bros. TV. Bag Of Bones screenwriter Matt Venne is attached to write the script, exponentially increasing the chances of an Al Pacino-esque screaming, unhinged rant at the end of every episode.

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