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Keanu Reeves’ ascension to pop culture sainthood hasn’t always been the smoothest journey; the Bill & Ted star spent more than a decade enduring various “Whoa”-quoting mockeries before the world finally started climbing on to his cheerfully taciturn vibe. But now the faithful have been rewarded, with news arriving today via Variety that not just one, but two Reeves-related Hollywood blockbusters—the fourth John Wick movie, and the still very mysterious The Matrix 4—will be arriving on the same day: May 21, 2021.

The news comes as Warner Bros. makes some shifts in its long-term schedule, including setting its long-delayed The Flash movie for July 1, 2022, and banishing the ever-doomed Akira remake back into the Outer Darkness. (Attached director Taika Waititi swears he still intends to work on it, but given how many people have ditched out on the anime adaptation over the years, we’ll believe it when we see it.) The Matrix 4 naturally slotted into the vacated slot, but still, the decision to counter-program Reeves with Reeves is a bold move on the studio’s part.


And while we generally know what to expect from Lionsgate’s latest Wick movie—gunfire, ridiculous mythology, a complicated relationship with dogs—the Matrix follow-up is far more of a question mark. All we really know is that both Reeves and co-star Carrie-Anne Moss—both of whose characters died in Matrix: Revolutions, it feels important to note—will be returning in some capacity, and that Lana (but not Lilly) Wachowski has come aboard as co-writer, director, and producer.

But while we could choose to see this as a just one more grudge match being waged between the studios, we’d much rather embrace our new holiday. Happy future Keanu-mas, everybody! Please endeavor to be excellent to each other in all things.

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