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Ke$ha wrote a farewell tribute comparing herself to Eastbound & Down's Kenny Powers

Eastbound & Down comes to a close on HBO this Sunday, bringing an end to the rambunctious odyssey of Kenny Powers. Ke$ha, for one, is apparently such a huge fan of the “all-American hillbilly white-trash hero"—with whom she feels a kind of kinship—she penned a tribute to the character for Rolling Stone to express her sorrow at losing him:

When my music first came out, my sense of humor was kind of lost in translation. I was like, "Man, they don't know I'm in on the joke!" But then I saw Eastbound & Down, and I knew Kenny Powers would totally get me. We're both oblivious, missing social cues about what's appropriate. We both have a really dark and obscene sense of humor, which my publicists tell me I have to tone down. But Kenny doesn't tone it down. He owns that shit. I am proud to be his female embodiment.


That somewhat overlooks the fact that Kenny Powers seems to understand that his actions aren't socially acceptable; he just wants enough money and fame to counterbalance that. But no matter. It's still a Rolling Stone article by Ke$ha, commemorating the end of a great comedy by calling herself Kenny Powers' "female embodiment." Ke$ha also claims she only makes time to watch Eastbound & Down and The Golden Girls (there's that sense of humor again), and adds that she always wanted to guest star on the show as "some trashy girl on the Jet Ski with my shirt off." Even though it's ending, Jody Hill and Danny McBride have brought Eastbound back from the dead before, so maybe she could still get her chance someday.

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