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All of the Toys R Us kids dreading the possibility of having to grow up may have a new savior in the form of KB Toys, the old Toys R Us competitor best known for once having locations in forgotten malls all across the country. According to Nerdist, Strategic Marks LLC founder Ellia Kassof—who acquired the KB Toys name last year—recently posted on LinkedIn (of all places) that he’s working on a plan to bring back the toy store brand by looking at why the previous incarnation of KB failed and what can be done to “make sure those mistakes won’t be made again.” (We recommend not pairing up with an already-outdated concept like shopping malls, but maybe kids of the future will come back around on both malls and physical toy stores.)


Kassof is also hoping to find jobs for the 33,000 Toys R Us employees who will be losing their jobs if that company really does shut down all of its U.S. stores as planned, but Kassof and Strategic Marks’ plan still seems to be very early. If this does all work out, he’s hoping to have something in place by the holidays.

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