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Although their plans to ring in the New Year on Sesame Street have been foiled, Katy Perry’s breasts will not rest until they’re a part of your holiday season: Entertainment Weekly reports that Perry will appear on this year’s Christmas episode of The Simpsons, playing Moe’s girlfriend (this mismatch, it is comical) in a live-action segment that features several Simpsons characters as puppets, and performing a song called “The 39 Days Of Christmas” that probably goes something like this: “Traditional Christmas imagery, such as the word ‘chestnuts,’ employed as lightly sexual innuendo / Obligatory use of the word “naughty” / A-whoah-oh-oh-oh!” Here’s a photo of the puppet Simpsons standing, as producer Al Jean puts it, “felt-shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry.” (Notice that Good King Homer is already looking down on her Feasts of Stephen.)


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