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Katy Perry's breasts join the "It Gets Better" campaign

Katy Perry has joined the growing ranks of celebrities chiming in on the “It Gets Better” campaign to support teens who have been bullied for being gay, dedicating her latest video “Firework” to the project. As you can see in the clip below, the video features Katy Perry looking down on a city filled with troubled young people, then bathing them in the light of the fireworks that shoot out of her breasts. Soon Perry's breast-fireworks are lighting up the whole city, while sparking the fireworks inside other people, spewing from the chest of a little boy standing up to his arguing parents and also from the stomach of a pregnant woman. It’s sort of like that ejaculating cupcake bra she wore in “California Gurls,” only way more redemptive.

The video’s director, Dave Meyers, says in an interview with MTV that the video’s message was so strong that everyone involved was unusually committed, including the 11-year-old girl he convinced to shave her head so she could play a cancer patient. Unfortunately for Meyers, his quest for total realism was thwarted when he couldn’t “figure out a way to actually rig real fireworks to real people,” and his attempts were too hazardous to be allowed anywhere near Katy Perry’s breasts. That’s good, because while they may have been deemed detrimental to children’s education, these days Katy Perry’s breasts are all about altruistic endeavors.


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