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Albums created purely as art projects are usually more concept than execution, more flair than substance, and more interesting in theory than enjoyable, but The Gay Nineties Old Time Music: Daisy Bell could prove to be the exception. Curated by visual artist Mark Ryden (whose stuff you’ve probably seen), The Gay Nineties features a number of artists doing individual covers of one single cut: “Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built For Two),” a traditional ditty that dates back to 1892. Tyler The Creator, Nick Cave, Katy Perry, and “Weird Al” Yankovic all contributed their takes, and interested parties can listen to every single track from the album below, with each clip being set to a video created by Ryden himself.


Ryden put the compilation together for his new exhibit, “The Gay 90s,” which opened this past weekend in Los Angeles. Only 999 copies of the record were produced, and each sells for $99. Half of the albums are on sale now at the Kohn Gallery in California, while the other half will go on sale via Ryden’s website tomorrow, May 13.

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