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A holiday in which many women take the opportunity to indulge in outrageously skimpy dress, Halloween is naturally a vacation for Katy Perry, allowing her the opportunity to relax and slip into the comfort of a giant Cheeto. For Katy Perry, every day is Halloween, where she must don the mask of plastic sexiness. Today she’s allowed to let that mask slip. Today, Katy Perry is free to truly be herself: a sullen, knowing piece of junk food.


Of course, there are some who have suggested that Katy Perry actually resembles the result of eating a bunch of Cheetos, or maybe an ill-advised night of drinking lots and lots of Sparks. “Katy Perry is shit” is currently all over Twitter, and also some people have opinions on her costume.

Nevertheless, Perry herself has attempted to clarify things by carrying around a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bag—a symbol of the branded packaging she’s been allowed to escape, if only for a moment. Gaze upon this surly Cheeto and know: This is the real Katy Perry.

Just don’t consume too much Katy Perry, because it will give you an ulcer.

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