(Photo: @katyperry/Twitter)

Katy Perry has roared and now she’s going to rise. Last night, Perry released “Rise,” an Olympics-themed power ballad about believing in yourself in the face of adversity—pretty standard stuff for the woman who told us all we were fireworks. In a Today show segment, Perry said the song has been “brewing inside of [her] for years” and that she “was inspired to finish it now rather than save it for the album because of the overall mood of the world today.” But the song was also composed for corporate reasons: It will be used to get the blood pumping during NBC’s coverage of the Rio games.

Perry also debuted this related music video, which pairs “Rise” with images of Olympic glory and defeat. It’s incredibly corny, but surprisingly effective. If you’re at all susceptible to getting weepy watching this type of footage, prepare to stifle some embarrassing tears.

Vulture reports that the track was produced by Max Martin. Expect to be completely sick of it by the end of the summer.