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Katie Holmes will return as Jackie Onassis for The Kennedys follow-up

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Katie Holmes will return to ReelzChannel for The Kennedys: After Camelot, the latest chapter in America’s ongoing obsession with what the Kennedy family did, what the Kennedy family is doing, and what the Kennedy family may do in the future.

The Kennedys was watched by 1.9 million people during its initial airing and received four Emmy nominations, not a bad haul for a minor cable network like Reelz. It covered events stretching from 1938, when Joseph Kennedy, Sr. was the ambassador to the United Kingdom, to 1969, a year after Robert Kennedy was assassinated during his presidential campaign. Presumably, the new miniseries will cover the rest, including drug scandals, plane crashes, and maybe even the adventures of Ted Kennedy (who was curiously excised from the first outing). To be fair, the Kennedys may have done other things during this time, as Muse CEO Michael Prupas points out: “The Kennedy family made a lasting mark on America and the world even after John and Robert Kennedy’s assassinations by championing universal healthcare and by creating the Special Olympics and by continuing to act as international ambassadors for many other worthy causes.”

In addition to playing Jackie, Holmes will serve as an executive producer and direct one of the four episodes. Considering that the former first lady was mostly known for marrying rich and becoming an editor at a couple of big publishing houses during this period, audiences may be in for an hour of Katie Holmes sitting in a New York City corner office, reading. ReelzChannel hopes to air the series sometime in 2016.


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