According to Deadline, the once-and-future Joey Potter will be appearing in a season-long arc on Showtime’s Ray Donovan. She’ll be playing a “shrewd and chic businesswoman” named Paige, who happens to be the daughter of the character played by Ian McShane—who is also joining the show, as we’ve previously reported. Ray Donovan, of course, is a series about Liev Schreiber doing what he does best—looking mildly unhappy—and we already know that McShane’s storyline involves him hiring Schreiber’s Donovan to “get his family out of a potentially catastrophic situation,” so that catastrophic situation probably involves Holmes in some way. Maybe she married a famous movie star who dragged her into joining a totally legitimate religion, and McShane needs Ray Donovan to scowl at people until they let her go?

Holmes isn’t the only person lucky enough to play a child of Ian McShane, though, as Deadline also says that Guy Burnet—currently twisting the world’s mustaches in Mortdecai—will be playing Holmes’ brother, a kid named Casey. We don’t know much else about his character, but hopefully he can hold his own against one of Ray Donovan’s legendary grumpy faces. Oh, Ray Donovan. What are we ever gonna do with you?