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Katie Holmes to hang out with a creepy doll in The Boy 2

Photo: Theo Wargo (Getty Images for Global Citizen)

The 2016 horror film The Boy is almost entirely based around the mystery surrounding the eponymous boy, a vaguely lifelike doll named “Brahms” that Lauren Cohan has been hired to take care of. Cohan initially thinks Brahms’ parents/owners are just a little kooky, but then weird stuff starts to happen that seems to suggest that the doll may actually be alive. We won’t spoil exactly what happens, if only because now a sequel is in the works that will almost certainly utilize the exact same mystery.

According to Variety, Katie Holmes will be the one interacting with a spooky doll this time around, with her playing a woman who moves into an estate with a “terrifying history.” Before too long, her young son becomes friends with “an eerily life-like doll he calls Brahms,” with all of that implying that this will be the same house and same doll as the first movie. With a whole family involved this time, though, Holmes will hopefully be able to jump to “hey, this doll is super weird” quicker than Cohan did, since a good chunk of her movie involved her character actually believing the doll was alive and treating it like a human boy. It would make for a very short movie, but we’re hoping Holmes just immediately cuts to the chase and tells her young son not to play with such a spooky toy, then she throws Brahms in the garbage and buys the kid a Nintendo.


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