(Photo: James Devaney/Getty Images)

Trusting in the kindness of the universe (and a bunch of movie producers and financiers hoping to cash in on the lingering popularity of a decade-old self-help book), Katie Holmes is gearing up to star in a film version of The Secret.

For those poor souls in our audience who don’t maintain an encyclopedic knowledge of everything Oprah has ever told humanity to do, The Secret was a very popular self-help book from the mid-2000s, which basically said that the secret to happiness was to collage all of your hopes and dreams onto a piece of corkboard, and then wait for the universe to manifest you a big ol’ stack of cash. The book—written by Rhonda Byrne—was actually based on a 2006 documentary of the same name, itself based on the more blatantly honest The Science Of Getting Rich.

The Holmes film will forego documentary footage of The Secret’s life-changing effects (i.e., an extreme uptick in positivity, as well as the number of vision boards cluttering up your attic) in favor of a more narrative approach. Holmes will play a widow and mother of three, who gives in to the “law of attraction” (if you know what we mean) when she meets a handyman who teaches her all about the New Thought movement. Andy Tennant, whose past positive visualizations apparently included helming Sweet Home Alabama and Hitch, is set to direct.