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Kathy Bates is hailin' Satan in the new American Horror Story trailer

Eight seasons in, American Horror Story faces a potentially impossible question: How can you possibly top yourself, when you’ve already offered up the maximum number of S&M murder ghosts, drill-tipped dildos, and general gory TV silliness that the FX censors are likely to allow?


Blow up Billy Eichner and have Kathy Bates hail Satan, if the show’s latest trailer is anything to go by. FX released the first full promo for the show’s upcoming eighth season, Apocalypse, today, and it’s pretty juicy stuff, as several members of the show’s ensemble get nuked, and Sarah Paulson and Bates are apparently running some sort of Gothic fallout shelter for the survivors. There’s not a whole ton of connective tissue on display to tie the show back to its earlier seasons—as previously promised—yet, but we do get a promise of plenty of “unauthorized” copulation, whips, and snakes, showing that, eight years in, the series still knows how to stay precisely on its very particular brand.

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