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Kathryn Hahn will return for the new, Philip Seymour Hoffman-less Happyish

TV productions get delayed for a number of reasons, but the Showtime’s Happyish has to have one of the saddest: the pilot episode had already been shot and scenes screened for critics when star Philip Seymour Hoffman died, leaving the series’ future in limbo. Eventually, Steve Coogan was recast in the lead role, and now The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Kathryn Hahn will reprise the role she played opposite Hoffman in the pilot with Coogan in the series. Hahn will play Lee, wife of frustrated ad man Thom (Coogan), a bluntly honest idealist disappointed with a world that fails to live up to her ideals. Happyish, despite everything we just told you about it in this story, will be a comedy.


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