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Kathryn Hahn leads the trailer for HBO's "dual coming-of-age story" Mrs. Fletcher

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Screenshot: Mrs. Fletcher (HBO)

HBO will ring in the Halloween season with a horror story more existential than predatory: Mrs. Fletcher, a “dual coming-of-age story” based on the book by The LeftoversTom Perrotta, follows a single mom who finds herself lost after her son, Brendan (Jackson White), heads off to college. As the high school jock tries to navigate his hyper-woke collegiate campus, Kathryn Hahn’s eponymous Eve Fletcher begins pushing her own boundaries—sexual ones, to be specific, with both women and men.


“As mother and son find themselves alone for the first time,” reads a synopsis from HBO,this sharp, provocative series navigates themes of parenthood, sexuality, love, and identity in a cultural moment when attitudes about gender and sex are evolving rapidly.”

Watch the provocative trailer below.

Mrs. Fletcher premieres on HBO on October 27.

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