In case you haven’t already heard the news on the nation’s dance floors, Osama Bin Laden is dead, and suddenly Hollywood is falling all over itself to get the story on the screens so we can all have a Rocky IV-like moment of shared, cathartic victory over a distant foreign enemy. As we reported earlier, Kathryn Bigelow had the advantage of prepping her Kill Bin Laden well before a group of Navy SEALs put that project on the fast track, and now she’s reportedly ramping up the production toward a summer start date, signing Animal Kingdom’s Joel Edgerton to play the lead. Edgerton has been on the short list of practically every franchise pic of late, with rumors that he’d been in the running to star in everything from the new Bourne spin-off to The Hunger Games. The LA. Times reports that he actually passed on taking the lead in the Kristen Stewart-starring Snow White And The Huntsman in order to do this, a sacrifice that has already earned him the respect of a grateful nation.