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Katey Sagal and Courteney Cox are…Shameless

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Showtime’s Shameless comes back for its ninth season in September, and, after a lackluster eighth season, it sounds like the ever-resourceful, ever-awful Gallagher clan is recruiting a couple of ringers to get people interested in their entertaining bullshit once again. Variety reports that TV vets Courteney Cox and Katey Sagal have both signed up for roles on the show’s upcoming season, injecting a little—probably very little—class into the show’s aging proceedings.

Cox sounds like she won’t be sticking around for super long, playing a famous actress who briefly recruit’s Jeremy Allen White’s Lip to be her sober minder while she wanders around Chicago. Sagal’s part sounds more substantial; she’ll be playing the latest woman to be way too good to fall for William H. Macy’s Frank and his dubious charms, but who probably eventually does so any way. Her character, Ingrid, is being described as a “a crazed psych patient” that Frank immediately falls in love with, because, no shit, she’s Katey Sagal.

Shameless returns on Showtime on Sunday, September 9, 2019.

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