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Kate Winslet won't be in Charlie Kaufman's Frank Or Francis after all, but Elizabeth Banks and Paul Reubens will be

Denying last week’s rumors, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Kate Winslet will not be in Charlie Kaufman’s musical media satire Frank Or Francis, after producers have failed to meet Winslet’s guarantee of a minimum three awards nominations—and the good ones, not just the Indie Spirit Awards or something. Or maybe Winslet was just never attached, despite those reports to the contrary. At least we got Catherine Keener right, who’s now been joined by the additions of Elizabeth Banks and Paul Reubens, a combination that more than equals one Kate Winslet and possibly even part of a second Kate Winslet, such as a Kate Winslet haunch.

Banks will reportedly play an actress who has starred in a bunch of terrible comedies that bear no intended resemblance to Fred Claus, Meet Dave, or What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and who begins a romance with the thin-skinned director played by her 40-Year-Old Virgin co-star Steve Carell. Reubens will play an “old-school film critic”—presumably one who stands in stark contrast to the Internet bloggers (represented by Jack Black’s character) who would focus only on making cheap jokes about, say, an actor’s personal experiences with sitting in a movie theater and demonstrating their appreciation for what's on screen, which would be so very cheap. And as previously reported, the film will also feature Nicolas Cage, Kevin Kline, a whole lot of singing, and approximately 1,000 moments prompting use of the word "meta" in reviews.


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